Magna Clean Installation Leicester

A MagnaClean filter can improve efficiency and the lifespan of your central heating system.

We recommend that a MagnaClean is fitted to protect your central heating system.


The MagnaClean is a magnetic filter which removes suspended iron oxides and other magnetic particles from the water moving around all central heating systems. A build up of iron oxide will inhibit the efficiency of the boiler leading to higher fuel bills and repair costs.


New energy efficient boilers contain narrow diameter pipe work which can clog more easily.

A MagnaClean is fitted to the return pipe, collecting the sludge before it can enter and damage the boiler. The filter has a nylon shell which can be removed and cleaned out to remove these particles from the system.

The benefits of installing a MagnaClean in Leicestershire are:

Immediate protection of your heating system

Maintains boiler efficiency

Improves boiler lifespan

2 year guarantee

Reduced carbon emissions

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